Simple & Classic Games

Solitaire open on iPhone and Macbook
Your favorite games,
exactly how they should be.
Powerful Features
No Ads
A.K.A. no interuptions, better battery life, and offline support.
No Distractions
Streamlined so you can start playing right away.
Pro Settings
Options and control available for those who prefer customized gameplay.
Keep track of your performance and challenge yourself!
Minesweeper open on iPad and FreeCell Settings open on iPhone
Native Design
Universal Apps
One purchase to play on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.
Supports all of the latest features like Dark Mode and Split View.
Developed using state-of-the-art frameworks for optimal performance.
Absolutely no data collection or tracking.
Hand holding an iPhone with Solitaire open
User Reviews

I rarely leave reviews, but felt compelled to support this developer. Paid 99p for the app and it plays smoothly, with clean visuals, useful Split View (for side-by-side play with YouTube, for example) and no overlays or nags. Great iPad experience, thanks!
Perfect Solitaire Games

All three of the Simple & Classic solitaire games -- Spider, Solitaire, Freecell -- are well designed and fun to play. They are not bogged down by silly animations or graphics. They are exactly like playing with a real deck of cards. I really enjoy them, and you will, too!
Simple. Perfect!

No advertising (not even for your own products or reviews), no annoying sound, no microtransactions or subscriptions. Unobtrusively designed. Simply Solitaire. And only one variant. Exactly what I've been looking for.

Fixed and running smooth. A cure for my nostalgia. Nicely done!
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